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Cost information (full-time students) (2021/22) In-state Out-of-state
Average net cost (forecast for 2021/22)*
Average net cost for all US undergraduate programs (forecast 2021/22)

Annual average annual net cost by family income, In-state

Annual average annual net cost by family income, Out-state

Total average net cost of obtaining a degree by family income (through graduation in 2023 or 2025), In-state **

Total average net cost of obtaining a degree by family income (through graduation in 2023 or 2025), Out-state **

Assumes graduation in consecutive years without interruptions. Calculations include forecast cost changes across future years. These projections represent estimates and are not a commitment either by CTAS or the applicable colleges. If you believe any of the figures need to be corrected, please reach out to us at and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

If you are a part-time and/or commuter student, the information on credit hours below is more relevant.

Cost information for part-time and commuter students (2018/19) In-state Out-of-state
Cost per credit hour
Annual cost of enrolling assuming 18 credit hours (3 classes/semester)
Annual cost of enrolling assuming 24 credit hours (4 classes/semester)
How many students get price breaks on full tuition?
% of students receiving discounts from college (2018/19)
Avg dollar amount granted to entering students by institution for aid
% of students paying full stated cost (Cost of Attendance) before federal aid
Living Costs
Is On-campus housing available?
On campus Room & Board, annual cost (2018/19)
On-campus Room & Board - national avg annual cost, all US colleges (2018/19)
Undergraduate Enrollment (2019/20)
Admissions (2019/20)
% accepted
Accepted students
% of accepted who enrolled (yield)
Students in entering class
Blended SAT/ACT score, 25th percentile of enrollees (out of 100) SAT basis: maximum of 1600 (2018/19)**
* Net cost is a consumer-centric metric which shows costs as they are presented in commercial transactions outside of higher education. It represents a full-time student’s cost of attending college including: tuition, room & board, fees and estimates of supplies less institutional aid of all kinds (including need-based and merit), and less federal and state/local aid. Loans and other repayable amounts are excluded and do not reduce the cost. The net costs include estimated living expenses. Room and board charges are on-campus costs for residential colleges; for students attending non-residential institutions, the college's own estimate of such off-campus costs is mostly used. Total average net cost weights a college’s in- and out-of-state costs in proportion to the student body’s home state. Net cost differs from the Net Price figure self-reported by colleges because it is comprehensive and covers all students, including the approximately 40% not covered by Net Price calculations. ** This number represents the 25th percentile of enrolled students' SAT and ACT scores, using the College Board/ACT conformance method. If blank, the college is test optional or the information is unavailable. Back

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