The true cost of college. Know it.

Know how much your college degree will cost.

Apply to colleges which you know you can afford.

Plan financially using clear information about the total cost of a college degree.

After you’ve been accepted, understand where your financial aid offer falls relative to other students and use our no-risk Contingent Financial Aid Appeals process to potentially gain more aid and lower the cost.

CTAS offers services and reports to help you navigate the college journey with clear financial information.

Self-reported Net Price information found in other sources, such as Google, leaves out almost half of students and is almost half a decade old.  College website net price calculators are often misleading and outdated.  This consistently understates costs with bad consequences for the financial health of students and families.  Instead, use CTAS to compare true college costs by income level easily and quickly.


Two types of reports for students and families

College Costs by State
50 reports, one for each state

Begin your college journey equipped with cost information on over 3,000 colleges, without jargon and expressed in the way you see them when you purchase other items in your life. A short free version is available for the relevant state at the link. You can also purchase a detailed subscription-level report which brings you information on how costs vary by student's family income, what percentage of entering students receive a price discount from their college, on out-of-state and online schools, and handy tips, including links to directories of scholarships.


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College Reports
Detailed information on over 2,000 individual colleges.

Available to subscription tiers - currently in construction


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Know the true cost of college. Rhode Island state resident costs.
Free state report sample

A free sample state report for Rhode Island residents is available for your review now. Just click on the link to easily compare college costs and data like admissions rates and enrollment size.

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