Financial Aid Appeals on Contingency

Financial aid appeals with no upfront cost and no risk

CTAS can help you save thousands of dollars on college by appealing financial aid offers from a college after you’ve been accepted. Financial aid appeals and negotiations have been known to generate savings in the five figures annually. We offer this on a contingent basis – you will only be charged if the college increases its financial aid and lowers your cost AND you put down a deposit to attend. There are no upfront fees and no fixed costs of any kind.

There isn’t any admissions risk, either. Colleges will never pull of an offer of admission because they have received a financial aid appeal, especially if communications are professional and polite, which ours will be.

How it works:

Send us all your financial aid award letters along with information about your GPA & test scores, your preferences, state of residence and any changes to your family’s financial situation since filing the FAFSA or CSS Profile forms. All information is kept strictly confidential, will be divulged to no third parties and is covered by this Policy.

CTAS has an extensive database of costs for over 3,000 US colleges (undergraduate programs) and we can make an educated assessment of the odds of improving your financial aid offer.  If we decide you’ve received a favorable one, we will tell you, and you can decide how to proceed. We will send out completed financial aid appeal letters with simple instructions to where to send them – with little effort, this sets you up to potentially save sizable amounts.

If the financial aid appeal is successful AND you place a deposit with the college, you will owe CTAS 25% of the financial aid increase, up to a limit of $2,000.  If the financial aid appeal fails, you owe us nothing.  If the college offers more financial aid but you decide in the end not to enroll and do not deposit money, you owe us nothing.  You only pay us if you save money.  Details here.

College admissions offices today work with extensive amounts of data to generate as much revenue as possible.  This is your way of starting to even the playing field so you pay the right amount.

Your incentives are aligned with CTAS.  We only benefit if you see real-world savings.

Contingent Appeals is a risk-free, intelligent way to make your college journey more affordable and gain access to personal assistance with making college cheaper.  This is a personalized advisory service so we will be here to engage, answer questions and support your college career.  Please reach out to us at with questions and read more details about the program here.