2022 Pricing: Loyola Marymount

CTAS cost forecasts for Loyola Marymount’s 22/23 academic year and full 4-year program

CTAS recently rolled it out its new projections for 2022/23 academic year costs and will be sharing information on individual colleges here as a recurring feature.  Similar information for over 3,000 2- and 4-year schools is available at the corporate CTAS site.

This post projects average net costs for Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

While Loyola Marymount offers less need-based aid than some other private colleges, it offers more merit aid: 90% of its entering students get some level of discount. Unlike some private schools with large proportions of wealthy full-pay students, LMU is focussed on upper-middle & middle-class students, with few paying full price, while its estimated net cost of $36,000 for lower income students is not particularly affordable. LMU accepted 44% of applicants in 2019 (a % that has been falling as the school becomes more selective) and is a good target for out-of-state residents who wish to study in California, as it enrolls 44% of its entering class from beyond California’s borders, including international students. The 2020 COVID cycle was difficult for LMU, with admissions % rising and yields falling. Data for 2021 doesn’t look to be yet available.

These projections represent informational projections that will change over time and are not a commitment either by CTAS or the applicable colleges.  Figures are rounded to the $500 avoid false specificity. Final net cost numbers will differ from these estimates for many reasons: changes to economic trends, decisions by the colleges both about their own policy and enrollment, as well as decisions about individual students.  We take pride in our numbers so, if you believe any of the figures need to be corrected, please reach out to us at support@collegetuitionadvisoryservices.com and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

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